Florida Olive Pioneers


MARIANNA, FL - Many consider Don Muller the “godfather” of Florida olive growers.  Don has been growing olives and producing olive oil on his northwest Florida farm since 1999.  Don has over 300 bearing olive trees in his grove. He is most generous with his time and expertise helping other olive growers in Florida and Georgia.

Don Muller

HASTINGS, FL - Tommy Oleson’s grove has hosted a wide variety of olive trees for the past 12 years.  Tommy is an expert in the cultivation of olives particularly in the northeast region of Florida.  His grove is located not far from St. Augustine where Spanish planted olive trees 400+ years ago.

Tommy Oleson

LIVE OAK, FL Jonathan Carter established a 10 acre olive grove near the historic Suwannee River. Carter’s initial planting has been very successful and he plans to plant additional acreage in 2013.

Jonathan Carter

CITRA, FL – Tony Valenza is a long-time olive grower with roots in the California olive industry.  Tony has operated an olive nursery in north Florida for more than 15 years supplying high-quality olive trees to Florida growers.

Tony Valenza

DELEON SPRINGS, FL - Richard Williams and his partner Alex Ford established a 20-acre commercial olive grove in 2012. Richard and Alex have conducted extensive research and are helping local citrus growers install olive groves.

Richard Williams

John Gose

LAKE ALFRED, FL - John Gose is a professional citrus grove manager for Lykes Brothers, Lykes installed an olive test plot near one of their citrus groves with a view to expanding to over 100 acres if the experiment is successful.