Florida Olive Council Advisors

Bruce Golino.  Bruce is the owner of Santa Cruz Olive Nursery one of the premier olive nurseries in the State of California.  Bruce is active in promoting olive research and has guided the Council in selection of cultivars that have potential to thrive in Florida’s soil and climate.

Tom Pospichal.  Tom is the land manager for the Mosaic Corporation. Tom is one of the leading supporters of the Council. In the photo at left, he is installing a olive varietal trail on reclaimed phosphate mine land.

Don Mueller.  Don is considered the godfather of Florida olive growing.  Don established the Green Gate Olive Grove in Jackson County, FL (near Marianna) in 1999.  He has been making high quality, award winning olive oil for 10+ years. 

Tom Oleson. Tom has been growing olives in Florida for over 15 years.  He has worked with many varieties and has addressed a number of insect and environmental issues.  Tom is one of Florida’s most knowledgable olive growers.  His grove is located near Hastings, FL  (St. Augustine area).

Tony Valenza. Tony is a transplanted California olive grower with decades of experience.  Tony operates the Olive Branch Tree Farm near Citra (Ocala), FL.  He grows several varieties of olives in various sizes for the home and commercial olive grower.

Leandro Ravetti. Leandro is a the Technical Director at Boundary Bend Olives, LTD in Australia.  Leandro is a strong advocate for truth-in-labeling for olive oil and is an internationally known speaker on all things olive.  Leandro helped the Council select cultivars for testing in Florida.